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2015: the year I started regularly talking to researchers in China

For me 2015 is when I started having regular email discussions with researchers in China; previously I only had regular discussions with Chinese researchers in the other countries. Given the number of researchers in China the volume of discussion will likely increase.

I have found researchers in China to be as friendly and helpful as researchers in other countries. The main problem I have experienced is slow or intermittent access to websites based in China.

In the past Chinese researchers I met were very good and these was a consensus that Asians were very good academically. I was told that we in the west were seeing a very skewed sample. Well, recently I have started to meet Chinese researchers who are not that good (or perhaps not even very good at all, I did not have time to find out). Perhaps the flow of Chinese researchers in the west now exceeds the volume of available really good people, or perhaps more of the good people are staying in China.

I am looking forward to learning about the Chinese view of software engineering (whatever it might be). From what I can tell it is a very practical approach, which I am very pleased to see.

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